Firearms and Dangerous Weapons

Firearms and dangerous weapons are not allowed on school property!

Any student who brings a firearm to school or is possession of a firearm on school property will be expelled from the school district for one calendar year. The parents or guardian of any student who violates the weapons policy will be notified. The superintendent may modify expulsion on a case-by-case basis. Law enforcement will be notified of any weapons violation.

Students may not bring to school or be in possession of dangerous weapons of any kind. District Policy 4210 outlines what is a "dangerous" weapon. A copy can be provided, when requested, from Bob Moore, Superintendent, at Benge Elementary School. It includes the following wording: Any object other than those listed (in the policy) which is used in a manner to threaten, intimidate, or injure another person and is capable of easily and readily producing such injury". . .

Long-term suspension will be the minimum consequence for dangerous weapons possession on school property. However, if a student arrives with a pocketknife and is forthcoming about it, the knife will be kept in safe keeping and returned to the student as he/she gets off the bus.

Verbal threats involving weapons and the threat to personal health and safety also will be dealt with similarly to having the actual weapon(s).